Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Day at the Beach

We spent all day at the beach today! Well, almost all day. We arrived at 9:30ish, and when the kids showed no signs of letting up at noon, Tutu went to get lunch. We finally packed up around 3.

Girliness gets buried:

Boyness finds STICKS (of course!):

Is there a Toddlerness napping in there?

Girliness has this boogie boarding thing down!

We even had time to invent a WAVE DANCE!

And here's how we spent most of our day:

Toddlerness LOVED going out past where the waves were breaking and just bobbing up and down with me. I imagine she will feel the swell and dip of the sea in her sleep tonight. I am hideously burnt...maybe experimenting with a new sunscreen was not a good idea?...but Toddlerness remains unscathed despite all the time in the sun. She must have gotten more Hawaiian genes than her blonde hair and blue eyes let on.


bellebearberry said...

wow that looks like such an amazing vacation. WOW oh wow

~L~ said...

They've gone native!!!!!!!!

Did you bring gren goo? Do you have aloe?

I feel your pain. No really.

I feel your pain!