Monday, July 23, 2007

Rainy Sunday

We woke up to a downpour on Sunday. It is tough to catch a downpour in a neighorhood with your camera, but I tried:

It was a great day to meet Grandpa and Grandma for brunch at the Hale Koa. After we got back from that, the weather was still dreary but it was hot, so we headed to the beach. We apparently weren't the only ones who had decided that hot plus clouds was OK with them. Toddlerness' hole was even pre-dug. Boyness and Girliness had a gentle reintroduction to the concept of waves (just enough wave that they could ride the boogie board in to shore, not so much that they were having to fight or get rolled).

Trying something new...a video:


Marie said...

oh that is just too cute. The vidio is way cool

~L~ said...

I miss real beaches. Until I saw her jumping like a gazelle, I'd forgotten the magical wearing-them-out powers of REAL beaches!