Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Sunny Day

We had a sunny day yesterday! We went hiking to the lighthouse at Makapuu.

Actually, the hike never goes TO the lighthouse, which would be too dangerous for the kidlets - and the photos are clear that it is dangerous enough already - but instead winds a slightly wider and more secure path to some point above the lighthouse. The day was clear and beautiful, and we could see two of the neighbor islands (most days you can kinda see one...) - the camera didn't do a great job on this one but you can see it:

The big kids enjoyed feeling like they ruled the world (so high up!):

Keeping hydrated:

Toddlerness went back and forth from this:

To this:

After baking in the sun all morning (the hike took from 9-noon) we high-tailed it to the nearest beach, which also happens to be one of our *favorite* beaches (really!). The tide was high but the kids are much better at working with some wave action this year. They checked out all the marine life in the tide pools, and walked the rocks. Toddlerness did take a tumble, but it was on the relatively safe rocks right up on shore, and after a few minutes sitting on Papa's beach chair and eating raisins, she was back in the action.

Some snorkelling action:

Toddlerness "lost" her swimsuit:

And made a new friend!

They started out with 1-2-3-JUMP and by the time Toddlerness' new friend had to leave, they were up to 26-27-28-JUMP!

Girliness became the tide pool tour guide:

And Toddlerness spent some time rehoming the 'opihi. This is particularly fitting, as "young children clinging to a loved one are often lovingly called: ‘opihi."

Another stop for shave ice at the end of the day:

The kids somehow escaped further sunburn, despite things like forgetting to bring the sunscreen and so not re-applying, shedding the swimsuit, etc. Toddlerness got quite as much sun as I did and was using the same sunscreen I was...and she's not burned. But me? I *am.* My EYELIDS are sunburnt. WTF? Eyelids and the center of my back (not my shoulders). I swear it was the same sunscreen applied at the same time, and all I can figure is 1) I didn't put it on my eyelids, durh, and 2) toddlerness plus backpack on my back rubbed it off that center spot on my back. Come to think of it, look at this photo:

The burn is right where the straps meet the backpack. Methinks there is greater use of t-shirts in my future.

The kids are having a BLAST with all this swimming stuff. They would probably have spent all day at the tidepools yesterday if we let them. We might need to spend some time in the shade today

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Aimee said...

it looks like you guys are having a great time! when do you come home? i'm jealous! i want a vacation! :)