Sunday, July 22, 2007


Some sunburnt children:

We pretty much spent the morning on *me*. I, you see, had a small (ahem) issue of impacted cerumen to deal with. I couldn't hear and it was driving me totally bonkers. After 3 rounds of Murine Ear Wax Remover and a salad-dressing (olive oil and vinegar) flush, and then a vigorous warm-water irrigation, I have regained my hearing. Alas, my ear canal is so irritated that my whole jaw hurts, however. And alas (again) that I did not bring my medicine arsenal, which has the ear oil in it.

Anyway, once I'd managed to reestablish hearing, we packed back up and headed out to the beach. Toddlerness threw another royal fit over putting on sunscreen. We did manage, eventually, to slather everyone up with generous portions of the gooey white stuff. Because the weather is iffy (courtesy of tropical depression Cosme), we headed once again to Ala Moana, just because we were least likely to be rained on there. We were drizzled on just a tad, but it remained nice and warm and we barely noticed. Boyness had fun for a couple of minutes before the reemergence of the craptastic chaffing rash - I think we'll need to get a hold of some surf shorts for the kid (although my mom advocates for the Speedo), because I think the liner of the shorts is causing a lot of grief.

How Boyness spent most of his beach time (poor kid):

Toddlerness' favorite beach things: swimming nekkid and chasing pigeons. Alas, but I didn't have the camera on me while she was chasing the pigeons (SHOO!!! Shoooo!!! *giggle giggle*)

The kids are ready for the commune:

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~L~ said...

And why didn't you name her Rainbow Moonshine?