Sunday, March 30, 2008

"Snowed In"

This is more a timekeeping/remembering post for me, since I'm not going to share the whole story here. Got snowed in at a long, slowly-progressing birth that culminated in thick mec, decels, very quick pushing stage, nucal cord/somersault delivery, a bad tear, and a happy healthy mom and baby. The snow and our distance from a hospital with an OB unit definitely affected the decision making processes. Scariest moment - "OK, Niki will manage the birth, listen to her, I'll be waiting with the bulb right next to her..." Best moment - lusty wonderful clear cries promptly after getting untangled. Decided to stay the "night" rather than brave the roads. Crashed promptly, it was bright and melting out when I woke up, the drive home was decent, I'm tired.


~L~ said...

I am so proud of you. Your life is becoming....what I don't know. But I enjoy watching Niki Becoming.

Aimee said...

You are truly someone to look up to...for real!