Monday, March 31, 2008

Strange Dreams Last Night

My dreams last night had nothing to do with birth. They were about surveillance, being watched, being controlled. Very unpleasant and unrestful, which was not good. I was looking forward to a good solid rest.

This is spring break for me! I finished all my school work and all my finals last week - the bulk of it while MIL watched the kids on Thursday - and now I have a whole week to let go of feeling like I'm constantly scrambling to figure out what is due when and how behind I am. I think this quarter went by pretty well, after all, despite all of my confusion and the fact that I really relied on my classmates to panic about assignments due and cue me in that there were, in fact, assignments due. I learned that the online calendar does not work well for me, at least as far as organizing my school work goes. The wall calendar is a much better option, and I'll be returning to that next quarter.

Anxious for my grades. Mad at the school again, for something that is still panning out...

Yesterday, I took off with Girliness for some girly shopping eating and hair-cutting time. That was nice.

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