Saturday, April 05, 2008

BittyPrincess Strangeness

On second thought, the behavior about which I am blogging is about as normal as it gets. So BittyPrincess Normalness may be more fitting. I still think the whole phenomenon is strange...

We got BittyPrincess a new carseat the other day - a Nautilus - to remedy the fact that she is rapidly outgrowing her current seat's height limit and I don't yet trust her in a booster. She loved it, of course. Claimed it. Wanted to sit in the car HOURS before we were going anywhere. Sure thing, little weirdness.

She also, of course, LOVED LOVED LOVED the box. So much, in fact, that after hours upon hours (seriously, she played in that thing all fucking day, you just can't BUY that kind of entertainment), we got this:

Yup, she fell asleep for the night in her box. This is the first time she has EVER just gone ahead and put herself to bed. She even stayed there for a few hours before she stirred and I got too antsy and brought her to bed.

The next day, there was that box again! And we had MORE boxes! Oh, the FUN!! Kids are so strange.

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~L~ said...

Never, EVER, throw away that box!